Manufacturing, Innovation, Knowledge
"A highly diversified, fully integrated group of companies"
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A diversified multinational integrated company with focus on 4 business units: Manufacturing, Distribution, Communication and Real Estate.

The company's mission is to connect and protect its customers through the relentless pursuit of knowledge, innovation and manufacturing.

We own and operate our own manufacturing and distribution facilities in Penang, Malaysia, Beijing China, Vancouver & Montreal Canada and Seattle USA.

Harvik Rubber is the world's largest Rubber Safety Footwear factory located in Penang Malaysia, located on a 20-acre site with +500 employees servicing over 48 countries worldwide.

Beijing Mountain is our outerwear factory located in Beijing China, located on an 8-acre site with +300 employees servicing over 12 countries worldwide.

Alliance Mercantile is our North American Distribution, Sales and Marketing Company, with over 200,000 sq. of warehousing, servicing over 4000 customers with a focus on industrial safety and consumer cleaning.

First Broadband Inc., our latest acquisition, allows unconnected communities to become connected through our licensed wireless broadband technology, currently operating 2 systems in North Alberta, we will have 7 systems by fall 2013 operating in the 500 MHz UHF spectrum.

The M.I.K Group

Connecting and Protecting. Always and all ways.

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