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Alliance Mercantile

Alliance Mercantile Inc. (See Alliance International Sales Ltd.) was founded in 1959 by Joel Sardone as the Canadian marketing distribution arm of his parent company MIK Industries Ltd. From its initial roots as a local importer of general merchandise, Alliance and MIK have grown to become multinational manufacturers and marketers of a diversified range of consumer products including rubber gloves, industrial and recreational outerwear, rawhide dog bones, lint rollers and brushes, textiles, sponges and rubber safety footwear. Alliance Mercantile is a Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution Company. If given the choice, we describe ourselves as Manufacturers. A distributor is a company that buys and sells as a middleman to the market. As everything we sell is unique to AMI, it means that we are the primary channel to the market, and sell to distributors.

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  • In 1982 Alliance purchased the liquidation of the Miner Rubber Co and acquired the trademark Viking for outerwear and footwear.
  • In 1984 Alliance solidified a 24 year old distribution agreement with Ansell International to become the exclusive retail sale and marketing arm for Ansell Household Rubber Gloves in Canada.
  • In 1988 Alliance formed a marketing/manufacturing Joint Venture with Helmac Products (EverCare today) in the USA for Canada, and became the dominant lint roller and garment care supplier in Canada
  • In 1998, Alliance purchased the company Neptune International in Seattle Washington as an extension of its industrial footwear and outerwear business, converting the name to Alliance Mercantile Inc. (USA) and launching the Viking brand into the USA market.
  • In 1999, Alliance formed a Joint Venture garment manufacturing facility in Beijing China to exclusively produce all of our Viking outerwear.
  • In 2000, Alliance designed and developed the first MT75 metatarsal protective rubber mining boot, the Viking "Miner 49'er"
  • In 2001 Alliance bought Pacifico Cotton & Rayon Converters of Langley, a manufacturer of cotton balls, pads and swabs.
  • In 2005, Ansell and Alliance expanded their retail distribution agreement to embrace the USA market.
  • In 2007, Alliance established an Export Division within its organization to service global customers directly from its factories, specifically targeting Mining and Household Gloves

Operating MarketCanada / USA / South America