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  • ansell-brand-logo

    Household gloves, launched in Canada by AMI in 1960, and recognized by industry as being a global leader in HHG innovation; low to mid-level consumer recognition.

    1. Started in 1960 when Safeway asked Joel to get some gloves and he was referred to Harvey Ansell in Australia. They formed a business relationship that evolved into an exclusive relationship by 1963 for Canada.
    2. #1 brand in Canada, top end quality and unique proprietary constructions.
  • viking-brand-logo

    Viking products are market leaders in industrial rainwear, safety, mining boots, forestry boots and specialty work gloves.

    1. We acquired the Viking brand in 1982 when we bought the Miner Rubber Company liquidation.
    2. Leading brand in Canada; #1 in Rubber Safety Footwear; middle to high-end quality and performance. More benefits/features, unique designs, and functionality.
  • onecare-canada-logo

    Harvik Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd is the leading and trusted manufacturers of premium safety rubber footwear with over 40 years of proven track record.

    1. Our Customers from all over the world have come to trust Harvik's innovative product design, quality manufacturing, solid marketing and service and support.
    2. Our products can be found in market in Europe, North & South America, Russia, Middle East, South Africa, Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.
  • bekina-brand-logo

    Bekina develops and manufactures high-quality safety polyurethane boots for niche sectors such as agriculture, industry, food processing and leisure.

    1. We started with Bekina in 2007; Bekina was the 3rd largest PU boot producer, but growing quickly (today #2 globally). We formed a joint venture exclusive manufacturing/Distribution agreement in 2008 for Canada.
    2. Highly recognized brand; high quality, middle pricing.
The Evercare Company of Atlanta, Georgia, the world's largest manufacturer of adhesive based lint rollers and fabric clothing brushes.
  1. We started doing business with Helmac Products in 1983 (original company to Onecare). The owner of Helmac, Nick McKay invented the Lint Roller in 1959. In 1988 we formulated a Joint Venture manufacturing/distribution agreement for Canada
  2. Highly recognized brand in lint; number 1 in North America. Higher end quality/performance.

Alliance has two distinct operational divisions. Its Consumer division consists of the rubber gloves, lint rollers and lint brushes, textiles, rawhide, and sponge product lines. Its Industrial division consists of safety footwear, 100% waterproof outerwear, and work gloves.

The foundation of Alliance's Consumer product line consists of:

  • The Ansell rubber glove program, which commands a Canadian market-share in excess of 85%, and a USA market-share of 35%. This Canadian business incorporates @93% of the national private label business and 20% in the USA.
  • The Evercare lint roller, brush and garment care program, commands a Canadian market-share in excess of 75%
  • The private label cleaning market, with a strong focus on the custom needs of the private label retailer brands, Alliance has attained a leadership position with its textile, sponge/scour, and rawhide programs.

The foundation of Alliance's Industrial product line consists of:

  • Viking branded 100% waterproof outerwear, which commands a Canadian market-share in excess of 45%, and a USA market-share of @ 5%.
  • Viking branded rubber safety footwear, which commands a North American market-share in excess of 85% of rubber mining safety footwear; and @ 95% of the rubber forestry chainsaw protective footwear.
  • The Viking brand is a registered trademark of Alliance Mercantile Inc. in Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Nicaragua, and Mongolia.