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MIK Industries Ltd.Is a privately owned company with its Head Office located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Established in 1959, MIK has grown to become leader in the development, and manufacturing of hi-tech safety rubber footwear and outerwear; as well as a dominant supplier of OEM branded consumer product such as Household gloves, sponges and textiles.

The Corporate structure of MIK is as follows::


Our primary bankers are Royal Bank of Canada (since 1959), TD Bank (since 2008), and Maybank (Malaysia-since 2008)

MIK Industries is comprised of three operating companies.

  • Alliance Mercantile Inc., in Burnaby, B.C. Canada is home to the corporate headquarters and Canadian operations. Alliance Mercantile (Canada) comprises 50% of the corporation's combined sales through branch offices in New Minas, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto, Ontario. The company has a USA subsidiary; Alliance Mercantile (USA), previously known as Neptune International, located in Mukilteo, Washington.

  • Harvik Rubber Sdn Bhd Malaysia, the global leader in rubber safety footwear with sales in 48 countries. Harvik owns the subsidiary Harvik Gloves Sdn Bhd in Penang.

  • First Broadband Inc. & Rural First Broadband Inc., pioneering internet providers and operators of UHF towers and systems in Grand Prairie and Whitecourt, Alberta.

In addition to these companies, MIK Industries owns most of operating properties including:

British Columbia:

  • 3451 Wayburne Drive, Burnaby, BC - 45,000 sq. ft. Head Office/Distribution center

  • 1234 Lake City Way, Burnaby, BC – 40,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing/Distribution center

  • 1161 Grant Street, Vancouver, BC – 7,000 sq. ft. First Broadband Head Office/Operation center


  • 69 Rue Pepin, St. Eustache, PQ – 3 acre - 100,000 sq. ft. Distribution center

  • 440 du Park, St. Eustache, PQ – 3 acre lot with 23,000 sq. ft. warehouse (future build out) Penang Malaysia

Penang Malaysia

  • Prai Free Trade zone – 20 acre – 500,000 sq. ft. rubber boot Manufacturing factory



  • 4620 Campus Place, Mukilteo, Wash – 28,000 sq. ft. distribution center


  • 35 West Pearce St. Richmond Hill, On – 3,000 sq. ft. eastern Sales Office

MIK Industries management activities are based out of our Head Office in Burnaby, BC. Doug Bell, MIK's CEO oversees the operations of Harvik Rubber, Harvik Gloves, KT Beijing Garments, and Alliance in Canada and the USA. Winnie Zhao oversees the Export markets for North and South America, as well as being active in product development, material sourcing and production. Peter Saunders oversees First Broadband Inc. based out of Vancouver BC.

"A highly diversified, fully integrated group of companies"

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