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Rural First Broadband

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We specialize in developing, deploying and maintaining UHF systems to provide broadband services in rural communities. Our technology is one of the most cost effective wireless solutions for extending existing networks with a large footprint or coverage area. (The Last Mile) We have been providing Broadband Services to communities for the last 5 years utilizing the Supernet in Alberta Canada. The UHF Licensed spectrum is endorsed by Industry Canada, which makes it a licensed frequency. Thus resilient to outside interference, it allows for a commercially viable business and extends the offer to the communications of the emergency medical services sector.

Each of our UHF systems has a footprint reach of approximately 50 kilometers radius, or 8,000 square kilometers.

We can help you design the right solution for your needs, based on a number of considerations such as network capacity, required data speed, relative cost and availability of radio frequency spectrum space.

Visit at our Network Operation Center and Training Facility for more details.

Rural First Broadband Inc.